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I am pleased and proud to announce that we are now also affiliated to the International Wado Federation. MISSION STATEMENT: To preserve both the traditional development and the evolution of Wado Karate. We strive to accomplish this in an environment free of...

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Southwest Karate Association

We are a family friendly club that aspires to teach and train you the art of Wado-Ryu Karate. We have junior and senior classes and also family friendly training sessions. We are proud to be affiliated with the Federation of Martial Arts & The International Wado Federation. This gives us great access to the fully insured and qualified instructors, courses and competitions to allow for great understanding of the art.

Karate uses none of the throwing techniques commonly known in Judo and Aikido, consequently it is wholesome and safe for all the family to enjoy. In many martial arts adequate self defence is still impossible even after many years of training. In Karate, a year or so of diligent practice enables anyone to take very good care of themselves but with plenty still to learn. But, Karate cannot be mastered in a day, and when discovering this students feel they will never master some of the moves. This of course is not true, everyone has had to go through and learn the basic techniques. After training regularly you will find that the moves will come into place.

Since it involves tremendous speed and great destructive force, Karate requires special control. Tempering your spiritual control during training helps you manifest power smoothly and naturally in daily life or contest situations.

Beginners must, therefore, train to develop sufficient mental control to meet the unexpected equanimity, this is the road to true Karate greatness.

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We are fully insured through the FMA and hold regular sessions regarding Kata, competition fighting and self defence. The classes are junior, senior and mixed allowing for maximum benefits when training.

All instructors are checked and confirmed through the Disclosure & Barring Service (the old CRB)

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